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Department of Business and Economics

22. Int. Working Seminar on Production and Economics 2022

21. - 25.02.2022 Innsbruck

Conference presentation

M. Sc. Jana Plitt


Parameterization of optimization-based order release in the context of engineer-to-order systems

Ralf Gössinger, Jana Plitt

Order release is the sub-task of production planning that initializes the execution of already accepted orders. Besides the uncertainty of order arrival, in engineer-to-order systems two further kinds of order-related uncertainty become relevant for this task: period of complete specification and capacity requirements. In a MILP model already proposed by the authors, the values of the stochastic variables “specification time” and “capacity requirements” are estimated using chance-constraints. These require probability thresholds to be set as parameters in advance. To answer the question of which values are recommendable for these parameters, a data-based multi-criteria parameterization approach is proposed in a general form and tested in a numerical study. Its core is the estimation and algebraic analysis of a metamodel that captures the performance of order release plans as a function of planning situation and parameter values. In this connection, the performance is measured in multiple dimensions and aggregated to a modified TOPSIS value. Favorable parameter values are derived through the algebraic analysis. Descriptive and inferential statistics reveal a good recommendation quality of this approach.