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Department of Business and Economics

Scope of the declaration

This declaration applies to the website [www.]

Status of conformity with accessibility requirements

This website is partly compliant with EU Directive 2016/2102.

Verification method: Self-Assessment
Compiled on: 01.06.2021
Last verified on: 01.09.2021

Non-accessible content

The content listed below is non-accessible:

  • PDF files integrated in the website
  • Videos integrated in the website


  • Due to the large number of PDF documents made available that were produced prior to 23.09.2018, it has so far not been possible to transpose all of these into an accessible format. These are successively superceded by accordingly modified versions.
  • Unfortunately, we have no or only very limited influence on PDFs supplied by external providers (e.g. publications, manuscripts, job offers).
  • It has not been possible yet to add audio descriptions to the currently available video material.

Accessible alternatives:

  • In the event of non-accessible enrollment documents, please contact the Student Registration Office. In the case of non-accessible exam regulations, please contact the Central Examinations Office. In all other cases, please use the feedback form below.
  • The integrated videos are YouTube files with the option of displaying automatic subtitles.

Feedback and contact details

You can report cases of non-compliance with accessibility requirements to us and request in­for­mation on content which is excluded from the directive.


Please use the contact details given in the imprint under "Technical Responsibility".


If you have any feedback, please use our Formular for Suggestions. Please use the keyword "Accessibility" in your message and tell us which content you are referring to by stating the URL.